Condo 305 – Profil-O

About This Project


In this magnificent condo, each room was equipped with motorized blinds. Thanks to a centralized home automation system, owners can control these elements from an app on their smartphone or via wall-mounted keypads. They can open and close the blinds with a simple click, to adjust natural lighting at any time of day.
Speaking of lighting, this project also incorporates an intelligent lighting control system. Owners can use wall-mounted keypads as well as their smartphones to turn on, turn off or adjust the intensity of lighting in every room of the condo. What’s more, the system can automatically adjust lighting according to residents’ needs and preferences.
To complete the home automation experience, the condo also features a multi-room audio system. Owners can then play music in all rooms, or select specific audio sources for each room.
But that’s not all, the condo also includes optimized wifi to ensure fast, stable connectivity in every room of the condo. Thanks to a high-performance network with intelligent access points, owners can enjoy a seamless internet experience in every room, whether for work, entertainment or home automation.
In short, this achievement combines motorized blinds, intelligent lighting control, multi-room audio and optimized wifi to deliver a modern, comfortable living experience. Residents have total control over their environment, with the ability to customize every aspect to suit their needs and preferences.